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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Typical Cockney Names

Sometime in the future I plan to write a story set in London. The characters in my story will obviously need to have typical 'Cockney' names. I have racked my brains to produce a short list of suitable names that should help to give my proposed story the necessary sheen of authenticity. We should always remember that verisimilitude and authenticity are very important factors when writing make-believe stories set in the real world!

Here is my list. If anyone would like to suggest equally authentic 'Cockney'names I'll be more than happy to hear your suggestions.

* Alf Pieofeels
* Bertie Apples'n'Pears (and his wife Mrs Apples'n'Pears)
* Bobby OtherFruit
* Tommy Ol' China
* Jimmy Pie'n'Mash
* Lee V. Tout
* Mother Brown, née Sup
* Purr le King (a cat)
* Gor'blimey Guv'nor
* Reggie Dun Nuffing

I have also been toying with the idea of writing a story full of characters who are named after forms of transport. I have three names so far:

* John le Carré
* Joe le Taxi
* Jeff le 'Orse'n'Cart

Coincidentally, one of these characters is also a 'Cockney'. Can you guess which one?


Blogger Quentin S. Crisp said...

How about Jel E. Deal?


3:56 AM  

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