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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My 10 Best Stories

I have been writing almost without pause since December 1991. My total of short stories now stands at 559. My most recent is definitely one of my very best. So I asked myself which other stories would I include in a list of my best? I have selected a top ten. If I could only rescue 10 of my own tales from some unspecified disaster that threatened to obliterate my work, I would choose the following:

* The Impossible Inferno
* The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange
* The Quims of Itapetinga
* Eternal Horizon
* The Jam of Hypnos
* Jellydämmerung!
* The Hydrothermal Reich
* Southbound Satin
* Rommel Cobra's Swimming Carnival
* Thais Von Oort

Four of these tales have yet to be published.

The list is not in order. That would be too difficult. If I had to choose just one story to represent my ouevre I would pick 'The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange' or 'The Impossible Inferno'. I can't decide between those two!

I regret leaving out 'Lem's Last Book', 'Hell Toupée', 'The Concise Picaresque Adventures of the Wanderlust Bridge', 'The Swine Taster' and 'Depressurised Ghost Story'. These are probably in my top 15.


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