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Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Galley of Toads!

I recently received the Advance Uncorrected Galley of my forthcoming book, Link Arms With Toads! It's a proper bound book and everything, much easier to proofread than text on a screen! The guys at Chômu Press have been incredibly efficient and professional, so hats off to them! I don't actually ever wear a hat, but I'm willing in this instance to borrow one, just so I can put it on and then take it off!

Link Arms With Toads! is a collection designed to be a comprehensive 'sampler' of the totality of what I do, so it runs the full spectrum of all the genres I've attempted, and is therefore probably the best entry point for readers new to my work... Most of my other books are biased to specific genres, but this one is biased only to its own syncretist aesthetic. Get your laughing gear around that!

This collection features 18 stories, the earliest dating from 1994 and the most recent from 2010. One of the stories, 'Hell Toupée', is one of my own personal favourites, perhaps in the top 10 of all the stories I've written. Another tale, 'Discrepancy', provides the ultimate "key" to all my other fiction and in fact justifies the entire projected cycle of 1000 interlinked stories that I plan to write, if I live long enough to do so.

Link Arms With Toads! is due out in the middle of May but in the meantime here's the publisher's webpage devoted to the book, complete with a full contents list...


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