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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Strange that water in its solid form, although cold to the touch, should offer so many opportunities for simple pure fun!

I'm now pondering what great novels I have read in which snow and ice are important factors. For example, there's an early Michael Moorcock novel, The Ice Schooner, not one of his best but still worth reading; I also recall with affection an excellent, very stark book by the Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas called The Ice Palace.

I'm sure there must be many more superb fictions that utilise snowy backdrops or foregrounds. I have waiting for me in a box of unread books two novels by Blaise Cendrars, Dan Yack and The Confessions of Dan Yack. The first of these at least seems to be strongly snow- and ice- themed. Everything I've read by Cendrars so far has been astounding!

Any recommendations of such books will be gratefully received!


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