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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Online Stories

Over the years a small number of my stories have appeared online at various websites. Generally these stories are not my best, but I've finally decided to provide links to as many of them as possible. My problem is that I can't remember exactly which stories are out there! The following list is therefore nowhere near complete, but I hope to gradually expand it in the future:

* Lunarhampton
* Gauntlet of Gorgons
* A Languid Elagabalus of the Tombs
* Shipyards on Saturn
* Gut Road
* God in a Basement Flat
* The Minotaur in Pamplona

* The Don Entrerrosca Tales:
(1) The Lute and the Lamp
(2) The Toes of the Sun
(3) The Promised Labyrinth

* The Expanding Woman
* The Folded Page
* The City That Was Itself
* Flintlock Jaw / Percussion Cape / Gatling Gums
* The Grave Demeanour
* The Martian Monocles
* The Maze


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