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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All at Sea!

I haven't updated this blog properly in ages, so it's time to repair that deficiency! It turned out that 'Rommel Cobra's Swimming Carnival' was rejected by its target anthology, a rejection that made regular posting on this blog less urgent, because it delayed publication of the novelette (and the original idea was for readers of the anthology to arrive here via the link in my text).

So I then decided (as can be seen from my previous entry) to use this blog for other purposes... A place to store lists of my completed work, uncompleted work, etc.

But I have now planned for the novelette to form the second half of a new book, a slim volume entitled The Postmodern Mariner. In fact I have already found a publisher interested in this project... I am currently busy writing the first half of the book, and when that is done I can submit the entire manuscript. So it might be the case that Rommel Cobra will see print in the not too distant future anyway... which makes this blog a valid concern again!


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