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Thursday, November 02, 2006


I've just finished writing the story!
'Rommel Cobra's Swimming Carnival' is finished at last!
Now I just have to type it up...

It has turned out to be rather longer than I originally anticipated. Closer to 20,000 words than my intended estimate of about 10,000 words! This may or may not effect its chances of being accepted for the anthology I have in mind, irrespective of what the editors think of the quality of the writing! But I feel confident I can get it published somewhere...

I definitely plan to give some sort of prize to the first person to leave a (genuine) comment on this blog. Probably a book. Maybe not the book the story appears in -- I'm assuming any reader who visits this site will obtain the URL from the story itself and probably won't want a second copy of the book... Maybe a nice Tartarus volume instead, the ghost stories of Oliver Onions for instance, or a signed copy of Alasdair Gray's excellent novel, Poor Things.


Blogger paulo brito said...

As in the post is not set a date of the end of the "contest" I'll put a valid comment.

"This is my genuine comment."

7:38 AM  
Blogger Carlos Rocha said...

Sinceros parabéns, amigo Paulo Brito. Como é bom e gratificante olhar com orgulho um trabalho concluído, depois do mesmo ter de nós absorvido, não somente tempo, como nervos e, quiça, as próprias vísceras. Espero que to publiquem. Pode não ser hoje, mas que aconteça. Boa sorte.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Carlos Rocha said...

Peço desculpas pela minha desatenção. Quando disse "Paulo Brito" deveria ter-me referido a Rhys Hughes. O meu desejo pelo seu sucesso é o mesmo.

3:52 AM  

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