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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming Soon: Engelbrecht Again!

The Exploits of Engelbrecht by Maurice Richardson is the funniest book in the English language. This collection of 15 linked stories featuring a diminutive surrealist boxer was published in a limited edition by Phoenix House in 1950. Wonderfully illustrated by James Boswell, it's one of the very few books I own that I'll never give away.

Engelbrecht is the most famous member of the Surrealist Sportsman’s Club, a dubious society that fills the time between the collapse of the moon and the end of the universe by taking the concept of the 'game' to its logical limit, for instance arranging a rugby match between Mars and the entire human race, or playing chess with boy scouts and nuclear bombs as pieces.

Sixty or so years after his first appearance, Engelbrecht has returned for another set of exploits that will take him on a voyage around the world, into space, down to Hell, into a labyrinth of plots and counter-plots that could mean the destruction of the entire membership of the Surrealist Sportsman’s Club. Running the gauntlet with gorgons, competing in the mesmeric tour-de-trance bicycle race, climbing the north face of the largest ego in existence, playing tug-o’-war with entire continents and even indulging in a round of lipograms with the monstrous Père Ubu – all these are in a day’s work for the plucky Engelbrecht!

Engelbrecht Again!
Written by Rhys Hughes
Introduction by Jeff VanderMeer
272-page, smythe sewn hardcover limited to 300 copies
ISBN-13: 9780979633546
published September 2008 by Dead Letter Press


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