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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Goodbye to WoW

The website WoW is about to close. WoW was something of a living fossil from a more innocent era, an online social club for amateur writers where genuine politeness was almost the general order of the day. The person who ran the site was known only by the single letter “D” and lived in Swindon, I have no idea why. WoW was a good place for beginners to dip a toe into the foetid swamps of the writing world.

WoW will end with a simultaneous bang and whimper, publishing the first five of my ‘Don Cosquillas’ tales. My Don Cosquillas sequence (aka The Tickle Wheel) is open-ended and may eventually include dozens of stories. Or it may not. Story cycles rarely turn out exactly as I anticipate. Often my more ambitious and carefully planned projected sequences falter at an early stage while the looser and more spontaneous cycles flourish.


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