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Friday, October 13, 2006

Sea Came, Sea Saw, Sea Conquered

I made a small mistake in my last entry (I may have made bigger mistakes too, but I haven't noticed those yet!)... The Dunsany story I mentioned is actually 'A Story of Land and Sea.' It's a story, not a tale. Not sure of the difference, but it has to be significant! The entire text seems to be available on the internet here.

Work on my own pirate story has come to a temporary standstill because of personal problems -- this has been an extremely difficult week for me. I hope to resume work on the piece as soon as possible, maybe next week, when my circumstances are more secure (if indeed they become more secure: we'll see.)

In the meantime I have been pondering the question of stories set at sea, whether they feature pirates or not. Out of the 391 stories I have written, how many are set at sea? To answer this question, I decided to compile a list (in chronological order) of stories that fulfil this simple criteria... I found this an exercise no less difficult than pointless... Many of my stories include scenes at sea, or allusions to the sea, without actually being sea stories. The following titles, however, are stories in which the most important action takes place at sea (either a real sea or a wholly imaginary one):

* On the Deck
* Floodtide
* Zumbooruk
* The Man Who Threw His Voice
* Percussion Cape
* The Dirtiest Ararat
* Owlbeast
* Islands in the Bathtub
* The West Pole
* Sailing to the Island of Tools on the Ship of Fools
* Eternal Horizon
* The Cargo Cults of Salty Kiss Island
* Lovespoons in Peril

So now you know. And so do I... I think!


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