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Thursday, November 02, 2006


I've just finished writing the story!
'Rommel Cobra's Swimming Carnival' is finished at last!
Now I just have to type it up...

It has turned out to be rather longer than I originally anticipated. Closer to 20,000 words than my intended estimate of about 10,000 words! This may or may not effect its chances of being accepted for the anthology I have in mind, irrespective of what the editors think of the quality of the writing! But I feel confident I can get it published somewhere...

I definitely plan to give some sort of prize to the first person to leave a (genuine) comment on this blog. Probably a book. Maybe not the book the story appears in -- I'm assuming any reader who visits this site will obtain the URL from the story itself and probably won't want a second copy of the book... Maybe a nice Tartarus volume instead, the ghost stories of Oliver Onions for instance, or a signed copy of Alasdair Gray's excellent novel, Poor Things.