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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Three New Chaps

Not real chaps (human males) but chapbooks. In other words, slim pamphlets containing fiction. These three chapbooks are called Madonna Park, Plutonian Parodies and The Fanny Fables and they can be ordered from The Penny Dreadful Company at various places on that website...

Madonna Park contains six stories ('Big Game', 'Three Friends', 'The Big Lick', 'Madonna Park', 'Suttee and Sweep' and 'The Gun Fight'); Plutonian Parodies contains three parodies ('Poe Pie', 'The Lollipop God is Dead' and 'The Sun Trap'); and The Fanny Fables contains six fables ('Fanny is Famished', 'The Furry Godmother', 'Petal Put the Kelly On', 'Fanny of the Apes', 'Knobheads and Dipsticks' and 'Fanny of the Opera'). I like 'em. You might too!