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Friday, July 11, 2008

Russian Around!

This book came in the post more than a year ago out of the blue. Well not exactly out of the blue. Out of Russia. Three decades ago it would have been appropriate to say that it came out of the red. Not now. It's a Russian translation of the Mike Ashley edited anthology Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy. I very much like to appear in Mike Ashley's anthologies. The money is good and so is the treatment. He's a fine fellah!

It's nice to see my name written in Cyrillic script. The first foreign language I was translated into was Serbian, back in 2003, courtesy of Zoran Živković, but the Roman script was used. The Cyrillic looks more muscular, I think. I haven't yet seen the Greek translation of my New Universal History of Infamy. Greek is another curious alphabet. Curious to me, that is, not to Greeks. I have a small following in Greece. Also in Russia. There have been some discussions of my work on various Russian websites, for example here. I have no idea if I'm generally approved or disapproved of over there. I suspect both.