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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Microfiction

Here's a new microfiction for you. It's only 169 words long. I enjoy writing microfictions, flash fiction and mini-sagas and I've produced a lot of them over the past twenty years. A selection of 101 are featured in my ebook Flash in the Pantheon, available from Smashwords for $2.99. Anyway...

                    THE VICIOUS CIRCLE
               Or The War Amongst the Angles

“Ouch! Someone kicked me!” cried 135°
     “It was just a reflex,” said 28°
     “That’s right, it was me,” snarled 246° “Are you obtuse or something?”
     “As a matter of fact, I am,” said 135°
     “I don’t like the look of you and that’s why I kicked you,” growled 246°
     “You swine!” roared 135°
     “You angle with a dirty face!” retorted 246°
     “Calm down everyone!” pleaded 28°
     “Why should I?” snapped 246° “I have a bad feeling about this one and when it comes to my feelings I’m always right.”
     “There’s only one right angle around here,” interjected a new voice, “and that’s me.” It was 90° who had spoken.
     “Bah, I’m twice the angle you are!” hissed 180°
     “Brother angles, please!” wailed 28°
     “Don’t be so soft. Let’s have a fight!” bellowed 246°
     “But what will the radius say when he finds out?” gasped 28° in acute anxiety.
     “Without us, he’s nothing!” spat 135°
     “Fight! Fight! Fight!” chanted 90°, 180° and 270°
     Soon the entire circle was in uproar…

Incidentally, my microfictions aren't included in my 'official canon' of tales because if they were, reaching my ultimate target number of 1000 stories would be too easy...


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