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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The International Punfest

I have been writing fables recently, lots and lots of them. In fact I've just completed 150 of the blighters and soon I'll put them all in a collection of their own. One of these fables was inspired by a game of pun-tennis that I played with Bob Lock a few weeks ago. It's right to give him credit for the original inspiration of what follows. In fact, he planted the "Uzbekistan" seed from which the rest developed...

A suburban bungalow somewhere in England. A comfortable lounge with a sofa and a man sat upon it. A woman at a desk in a corner was spinning a globe of planet Earth and frowning at the countries that flew past. Then she opened her mouth to speak.
     “Uzbekistan,” said Anna.
     “I don’t know. Who is she?” replied Stan.
     “Turkey,” added Anna.
     “Well, if you already knew that Becky is a turkey, why did you ask me who she was?” grumbled Stan.
     “Chile,” said Anna.
     “Maybe she needs a blanket?”
     “And a bowl of soup.”
     “She’s a turkey, you said. But that’s more of a lifestyle than an actual career. Anyway, I don’t think it’s important. I am more concerned about my own career and lack of income.”
     “Why should I? He used to be my best friend. There must be better ways of getting money than that. Maybe your friend Caroline has some financial advice for me?”
     “Please do. She’s very knowledgeable about many things. I don’t like her cooking very much, though.”
     “Too much. She fries every meal. But I’m no better and what’s good for the goose is good for the—”
     “No, I’m not the gander. I’m the goose!”
     “Far out! Groovy baby!”
     “Not really. I regret only the depression.”

¶ Travel doesn’t always broaden the mind, especially armchair travel.

Many thanks again to pun-master, Bob Lock!


Blogger Bob Lock said...

Iran blushing when I first saw this Oman thanks for the kudos! :-)

2:44 AM  
Blogger george i said...

this is all good and dandy guys, but don't forget to pay your Texas this year

3:12 AM  

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